Privacy Policy

Our Promise

Our commitment

A2B Freight Solutions (the 'Company') understand the importance privacy is to our customers and suppliers and confirms our commitment to keep any data we collect or store about you / your company safe and secure.    

Information we collect and store or share  

Any information held, stored or shared is only for the purpose to facilitate trading with you / your company. Information may be shared with Third Parties such as credit scoring companies, HM Revenue and customs and other government bodies either in the UK or overseas.  


When communicating data this is mainly done so electronically and while no method of transmission via the internet is 100% secure, we are constantly checking our systems have the latest security software and are committed to ensuring that all personal data is stored as securely as possible.   Employees are instructed to maintain the security and privacy of personal data at all times.  

Data Breach  

A data breach could be;  

• The disclosure of confidential data to unauthorised companies or individuals.  

• The theft or loss of hard copy records.  

• The theft or loss of portable devices or equipment containing identifiable personal, confidential or sensitive data e.g. Smart phones, laptops, portable disks etc.  

• A suspected breach of the business’s IT security systems.  

• Hacking or other attempts to gain unauthorised access to company’s systems.  

• Viruses or other security attacks on the company’s systems or networks  

• Physical brake in at the company premises and/or storage equipment.  

• Insecure disposal of confidential files or date.  

• Misdirected emails or post containing identifiable personal, confidential or sensitive data.  

In the event of a data breach at our company or systems, we will;  

• Report the data breach to the Directors of our company;  

• Determine the nature of the data breach;  

• Determine the approximate number of data subjects affected;  

• Describe the likely consequences of the data breach;  

• Describe the measures taken or proposed to be taken to address the data breach, including, where appropriate to mitigate its possible adverse effects;  

• Where possible inform affected data subjects of the breach.   Request for Details   Clients may request details of personal data we hold for them at any time.  


Personal data is supplied to us by our clients, we use no tools or programmes to gather personal information.  We will only share personal data to provide the services requested by our clients.  We will not share any personal data with any other company/organisation for any other reason than the above.  Data is only stored as per the requirements of the relevant authorities (e.g. HMR&C).  We will take all reasonable measures against the unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data, and against the accidental loss, destruction or disclosure of personal data,  including ensuring that any personal data that is to be disposed of is done so safely and securely.   We will take all reasonable steps to maintain adequate and appropriate data security programmes and procedures to ensure that unauthorised persons do not have access to the personal data or to any equipment used to store and process personal data.   In the event of a data breach we will follow our policy guidelines as listed above.